Outline of Research Activity Plan

Collaborative research with companies

Collaborative research with local government

Research Consortium : xSDG Consortium

The xSDG Consortium has been established as a part of the xSDG Laboratory's activities and has solicited participation from companies and local governments. The xSDG Consortium will create advanced cases and best practices using SDGs and aims to expand by disseminating that information from Japan to the world.

1) Hold consortium meetings (around three times a year)
- Provide a place to share the latest information regarding SDGs
- Offer themes according to fields such as the United Nations, national governments, overseas companies, investor trends, overseas academia discussions, Japanese government trends, domestic trends, etc.
- Function as a platform that offers a place to share concerns and hold discussions (ex: matching companies with local governments, etc.)

2) Provide a digital platform
- Use digital media to provide information (member mailing list, e-mail magazine subscription)

3) Hold annual report debriefings
- Release results from the consortium, joint research, etc.

4) Publish annual reports

5) Implement subcommittee

Publishing information through websites, symposiums, and publications