2019/9/23 xSDG Laboratory & xSDG Consortium, Keio Research Institute at SFC, Keio University was held the Symposium in NY "Essence for Successful Actions towards Achieving the SDGs" on 23rd September at NY
International Institute for Sustainable Development(IISD)website
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan(Twitter)

2019/7/16 xSDG Laboratory & xSDG Consortium, Keio Research Institute at SFC, Keio University held the Symposium in NY "Business Evaluation × SDG Beyond UNGA2019"

xSDG Laboratory & xSDG Consortium, Keio Research Institute at SFC, Keio University was held the 2018 FY Annual meeting at Keio University Mita campus

2018 FY third xSDG consortium meeting (members only)

2018 FY second xSDG consortium meeting (members only)

2018FY first xSDG consortium meeting (members only)

Keio University SFC research center xSDG Lab symposium “Discussion of regional revitalization x(cross)SDGs starts here”. Discussions surrounding the theme “Local governments x(cross)SDGs” was carried out, and questions such as; what are the key elements in advancing the SDGs at the local level; How can SDGs contribute to creating business chances; How can collaboration utilizing SDGs be created; etc., were examined following the navigation of discussions by project Prof. Kuniya / The International House of Japan

Other Events

Norichika Kanie appeared as a speaker at the "NIKKEI SDGs Forum in Yokohama"

Norichika Kanie appeared as a speaker at the "NIKKEI SDGs Forum in NY"

Norichika Kanie appeared as a speaker at the "SPECIAL TALK" of "TOKYO MIDTOWN AWARD 2019"

In the "Primary school SDGs Summit" (July 6), Norichika Kanie joined as the comment member.

Norichika Kanie appeared as a speaker at the Symposium organized by The Hokkoku Shimbun

Norichika Kanie moderated the symposium organized by Consumer Affairs Agency

Norichika Kanie appeared as a speaker at the “STI for SDGs Award Symposium: Solving challenges through science and technology innovation, leading to regional revitalization”

Norichika Kanie appeared as a speaker at the "Sustainability Summit 2019" in London

EcoPro2018 Eco and SDGs stage “Sharing the latest SDGs trends by xSDG Lab” / Tokyo Big Site

Symposium EARTH MALL with Rakuten “Shopping that can change the future” / Happo-en

Exhibit session at SFC research center ORF 2018 “Urban Nexus Lab/xSDG Lab exhibit session – Looking at the SDGs from food, energy and water nexus” / Tokyo Mid Town

“Regional cooperation symposium in Kitakyushu – Business management in the SDGs era” / Kitakyushu Convention and Visitors Association

Norichika Kanie gave a lecture titled “How businesses change after the SDGs” at the Okayama Association of Corporate Executives symposium

Symposium “Innovation Ecosystem for realizing the SDGs” (hosted by Japan Society for Research Policy and Innovation Management) / Waseda University


to “visualize” the SDGs actions taken by various actors and to link them to further national action, and also to disseminate the information outside of Japan, the “Japan SDGs Action Platform” was established by the Foreign Ministry of Japan

Norichika Kanie gave a baseline report at the environmental academic conferences (Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, The Japanese Association for Environmental Sociology, and Japan Association for Environmental Law and Policy) co-organized symposium “Looking at social design in the SDGs era – New challenges for the humanity and social sciences” / Meiji University Shirogane campus

Norichika Kanie and Mari Noda (Associate Professor, Ibaraki University college of humanities and social sciences/Associate Professor, Tokyo University Graduate school of arts and sciences) gave a lecture at the Takeda Foundation seminar on best practices of the SDGs “Road to changes by the SDGs” (Organized by the Takeda Foundation) / Dream Institute, Tokyo

Norichika Kanie moderated the ASIA PACIFIC FORUM ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT 2018, Side event: Empowering scientists in the Asia Pacific region to support the SDGs (Organized by the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) and the Association of Academies and Societies of Sciences in Asia (AASSA)) / United Nations Conference Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

Norichika Kanie gave a keynote lecture at the SDGs and International forest certification SGEC/PEFC seminar on “The philosophies of the SDGs; why SDGs now?” (Organized by NPO PEFC Asia Promotions Japan) / Sankaido building, Tokyo

Reusable energy symposium “Reusable energy and SDGs; prescription for a sustainable society

the 6th meeting of the SDGs stakeholders meeting (Organized by the Ministry of Environment, co-organized by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies) / TKP Akasaka Conference Center

Norichika Kanie gave a keynote lecture at "The potentials of small to mid sized business and local government collaboration” symposium – how achieving the SDGs can lead to the increase in earning power of the region – (Organized by the Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry) / Leaning Square Shinbashi, Tokyo

Symposium on “SDGs businesses from Ishikawa, Kanazawa” (Organized by the Ministry of Environment and United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study on Sustainability (UNU-IAS)) / The Kanazawa chamber of commerce and industry, Ishikawa city

The eleventh public symposium on the ethical mindset for the future of fashion business – sustainability minded consideration and transparency “the changes SDGs will bring to the earth and humanity” (Organized by the Women’s Empowerment in Fashion (Project WEF)) / Tokyo Women’s Plaza

Yoshimoto-Kogyo participated in the SDGs booth at the “Science Agora 2017” event / Medicom Center, Tokyo

Norichika Kanie participated as a panelist and gave a lecture on “The philosophy and realities of the SDGs” at the 25th Next Generations Leader’s Summit “Leaving no one behind” (Organized by the Jodo Shinshu-Hongwanji ha) / Tsukiji Hongwanji, Tokyo

the fourth meeting of the SDGs stakeholders meeting (Organized by the Ministry of Environment, co-organized by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies) / Kaiun Club, Tokyo

The Japanese government started the open call for the first, 2017 FY “Japan SDGs Award”. This award was established to give recognition to businesses, institutions, and other groups, etc., that are making progress towards achieving the SDGs that were adopted by the United Nations in 2015, and the 2017 FY awards will be its first time

Norichika Kanie gave a keynote lecture at the fieldwork tour on engaging in the SDGs, on “The innovative changes that will be brought by the SDGs” / Shimokawa-cho, Hokkaido

Norichika Kanie will serve as the coordinator and lecturer at the Takeda Foundation seminar on the SDGs and its characteristics, “The road to innovative changes by the SDGs” (Part One) (Organized by the Takeda Foundation) / Dream Institute, Tokyo

The New Challenges (SDGs) of the International Community and the actions by Toyooka City” / Toyooka City

Think the Earth has started a project on “SDGs for School” to spread the SDGs to the educational field

Future Earth and the Stockholm Resilience Centre launched the Sustainable Development Goal Labs (SDG Labs) in advance to the Resilience 2017 conference and the International Conference on Sustainability Science / Stockholm

Norichika Kanie served as a speaker at the seminar on “The relations ship between the SDGs and businesses from the academic perspective”, on the promotion of the SDGs and ESG investment – how to tackle challenges and business management through collaboration for a sustainable society / Fukoku-seimei building, Tokyo

Norichika Kanie appeared as a guest on the “Chiki Ogiue Session-22” radio program to discuss the topic of; what are the “SDGs” being discussed at the United Nations that our country has pledged to contribute one billion US dollars to?

Norichika Kanie participated as a speaker at; Session 3: Community-based Research in the Context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). “Development of a Framework for the Local Implementation of the SDGs”, University and the Power of Data Science for a Sustainable Society / Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Norichika Kanie gave a keynote lecture at the “The meaning of the SDGs and possibilities it holds for utilization by regions and businesses” – a sustainable regional development symposium on creating the City of Sapporo an attractive place for all (Organized by Sapporo City, Ministry of Environment, Hokkaido University, and the Environmental Partnership Office Hokkaido) / Hokkaido University, Sapporo City

Norichika Kanie gave an invited lecture a the lunchtime lecture “How the SDGs can change the world – A new approach to world wide challenges” / International House of Japan, Tokyo

Norichika Kanie gave a lecture titled “Mapping gender equality relations in and among SDGs” at the Plenary 6 of the Gender Summit 10 Asia-Pacific – Better Science and Innovation through Gender, Diversity and Inclusive Engagement / Hitotsubashi Hall, Tokyo

the Third Round Table Session on the Promotion of the SDGs

Norichika Kanie participated as a panelist at the Future Media Café “What can Japanese businesses do for the world in 2030? Lets seriously discuss the SDGs

SDGs Student Photo Contest” calls for applications open / United Nations Information Centre

GRI standard translation unveiling symposium 2017 “the potentials of sustainability and information disclosure, and beyond” (Organized by the Sustainability Forum Japan) / Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd Shinjuku Building, Tokyo

Norichika Kanie participated as a guest lecturer at the special gathering for businesses and academia to discuss the collaboration for achieving the SDGs (Organized by the Council for Better Corporate Citizenship) / Keidanren Kaikan, Tokyo

the project Co- hosted by Keio GESL/ UNU-IAS / Earth System Governance/Future Earth SDG KAN SynLink SDGs workshop “Research and Action Framework for Synergistic Scientific and Institutional Linkages between the SDG Targets” / Glen Cove Mansion, New York City

Future Earth Kick-off Workshop “Looking at the whole concept of the Chiba University Future Earth from the perspective of food, health and the environment” / Chiba University West Chiba campus, Chiba Prefecture

Norichika Kanie gave a lecture at the 2017 first Earth University CPV (Creating Planetary Value) forum “Paris Agreement, SDGs, and ESG – the rule book of the games is changing” (Organized by Tangible Earth Consortium) / Otemon tower JX building, Tokyo

Following the creation of the “SDGs Implementations Guiding Principles” by the 2nd meeting of the SDGs Action Platform, the Japan Civil Society Network on SDGs held a joint press conference at the Japan National Press Club

Norichika Kanie gave a lecture at the “2016 FY Media Round-table Talk: STI for SDGs” / JST Tokyo Headquarters, Tokyo

a conference paper “The Contribution of Science in Implementing the SDGs”, based on the SDGs international conference on “Measuring Sustainable Development: How Can Science Contribute to Realizing the SDGs?” (held at the German House and UN Headquarters, New York through 23-24 April 2015. Norichika Kanie participated as a panelist at this event) was published

the Keio University Campus SDGs project carried out a SDGs promotion activity at the SFC campus, placing SDGs stickers around campus to promote awareness towards sustainability and the SDGs

Norichika Kanie participated as a committee member at the Improving Scientific Input to Global Policymaking: Strategies for Attaining the Sustainable Development Goals, First Committee Meeting / Carnegie Corporation of New York, New York

a HLPF Side Event on the “Role of the Science-Policy Interface for the National Implementation of the 2030 Agenda